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Supersets - Upper Push & Pull

Supersets are a great way to increase efficiency in your gym session and help reach goals faster. We have chosen the bench press and lat pull down as our favourite superset this week because they are two antagonistic exercises that complement each other perfectly. By performing both exercises back-to-back, you can really maximize muscular activity and fatigue. This increased workload leads to more calories burned, muscle growth, improved strength, and overall better results!

The bench press is an upper body pushing exercise which targets the chest muscles, while the lat pull down is an upper body pulling exercise targeting the back muscles. When combined together, these two exercises provide a full body workout— working both the agonist (prime mover) and antagonist (opposing muscle) muscles. This is known as “antagonistic training” and it allows for better overall balance in the body, which can help prevent injury.

"[this] increased workload leads to more calories burned, muscle growth, improved strength, and overall better results!"

Not only do the bench press and lat pull down make a great superset, but they can also be combined with other exercises to get even more efficient results. For example, performing a round of bench presses followed by a round of lat pulldowns is great for building strength and muscle; however, if you want to focus on burning calories, increase the reps per set or switch up the order (e.g., perform one set of lat pulldowns followed by one set of bench presses). The possibilities are endless!

Overall, this push/pull superset combo is an excellent way to not only target different muscle groups but also add variety into your workouts while still being efficient. So give it a try and see what results you can get! Want to learn more about supersets? Check out our other article Elevate Your Workouts With Supersets.

Not sure what execises you can or should be combining? Don't worry, we got your back! Our Coaches are experts at program design and can put together the perfect training plan to optimize your time and results. Check out our Remote Coaching options to get started!

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