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Personal Training

We provide private training sessions not only in a 1:1 capacity but also small group, 1:2+. We execute completely customized programming tailored to your specific needs and goals during hour long sessions. Your well being is important to us. We'll discuss nutritional intake, stress management, recovery, and other pillars of a healthy lifestyle during your session so you can see progress not only at the gym but in other aspects of your life as well. Health is so much more than just exercise.



Outcome Session

The Process


During an Outcome Session, we utilize a variety of assessments to determine the most efficient strategy to change your life. An Outcome Session will include the following items...​

  • BodPod Assessment 

  • Aerobic Capacity Assessment (VO2Max)

  • Movement Analysis 

  • Stress Analysis 

  • Energy Capacity Assessment 

  • Vision Setting


With the purchase of an Outcome Session, receive 10% off when you commit to 10 sessions. 


It's more than just a workout.

A Personal Training session is your opportunity to get the most out of your Coach. Things that set our Personal Training sessions aside from a regular workout.

  • Gain confidence in exercise proficiency, technique, and ability

  • Push your limits more than you would on your own

  • Accountability for behaviour change and habit management

  • Our chance to educate and improve your knowledge base

  • Learn how to track health metrics and interpret the data

  • Learn how to fuel your body in relation to your goals (performance, weight loss, health, etc.)​​

  • Learn nutrition basics such as calories vs. macronutrients, meal timing, mindful eating/awareness, strategies for consistency and adherence.

Let us set you up for success.


Outcome Session - $150 +GST

Pricing per session may differ based on trainer rate, number of people training during the session, etc. Your Coach will discuss pricing with you following the Outcome Session to create a roadmap that is within your budget and yields your desired results. 


With the purchase of an Outcome Session, receive 10% off when you commit to 10 sessions. ​



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