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find success in building a healthier lifestyle

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Founder & owner

Over a decade of experience dealing with Olympic and pro athletes, as well thousands of hours working with weekend warriors Christopher has a great understanding of energy demands and intakes. A love of knowledge and knowledge transfer drives his vision for fitness and health.


director of fitness

Stu likes to work with clients to achieve their goals. It's vitally important to create, foster and promote habits that work best with each client individually. Stu is constantly focused on improving your movement patterns to help promote a healthy body that can take on anything. His background involves 10 years of Gymnastic Coaching, as well as 10 years of Personal Training Experience. If you want to learn to move well, teach your body how to be strong, and create habits that will provide you with vitality and longevity, Stu is your guy.

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Jhes believes in creating healthy habits, not restrictions. Whether you want to lose weight, move better, or build strength, Jhes will coach you through the steps required to be successful. Each individual is different, so matter what goal you are trying to acheive Jhes works with you to develop a protocol specific to your lifestyle. With over 7 years experience in helping clients optimize their health, you want Jhes on your team when taking the first step to make a change. Take your training, nutrition, and overall wellness to the next level.



Creating better movement patterns through education of proper technique. Cory works with those who want to better understand how to move well, with a focus on clients who are returning to fitness after an injury or set back. Using proper technique and building strength in movement patterns, Cory helps his client safely continue their road to recovery, while helping clients towards their individualized goals. Move better, move for life.

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