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Supersets - The Total Crusher

Welcome back to week three of our superset series! We’re going to continue to take a look at why we do supersets, the benefits that come with them, and today's featured exercise - the Total Crusher.

Supersets are a great way to amp up your workout intensity and create an environment in which maximum muscle growth can occur. By doing two exercises sequentially (with minimal rest in between) you can target multiple muscle groups, reduce workout time, burn more calories, and keep your heart rate elevated throughout your entire session.

"Supersets are a great way to amp up your workout intensity and create an environment in which maximum muscle growth can occur."

Today we’ll be focusing on a total crusher. This particular superset combines Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts (DB RDL) and Dumbbell Walking Lunges for an intense lower body workout. Both exercises target the glutes, hamstrings, and quads with minimal rest in between. You'll keep your heart rate elevated throughout the entire exercise which will help you to achieve maximum results in minimum time!

The DB RDL targets the hamstrings while also engaging the glutes and core muscles through stability. The walking lunge works all three of these muscle groups as well, creating a dynamic, full-body burn that's guaranteed to make you feel like you've conquered something great by the end of it.

To complete this superset, start with a set of 10 DB RDLs and immediately move on to 20 walking lunges - alternating one each side. Take minimal rest in between sets and repeat the sequence for 3-4 rounds total. This intense combination will leave you feeling the burn and satisfied that you've achieved something great!

The Total Crusher is a great way to get an intense workout without spending hours in the gym. By utilizing supersets, you can get maximum results in minimum time while also experiencing all of the benefits associated with them such as improved strength and muscle growth. Give it a try today and see how much more effective your workouts can be!

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