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Build a BIG Chest

The pec muscles are made up of two parts - the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. The pec majors main function is adduction and internal rotation of the humerus at the shoulder joint. Independently, the portion attached to the clavicle flexes the humerus up to 90 degrees in a horizontal plane. As for the pec minor, there are several functions, as it works in conjunction with other muscles. First - with the serratus anterior, it acts in protraction of the scapula - moving it both laterally and anteriorly against the ribcage. The pec minor also assists in depression of the scapula when additional force is necessary - ie, outside of gravities help. Lastly, the pec minor can be considered an accessory muscle of respiration when inspiration is deep and forced.

The pectoralis major is the larger of the two and is responsible for most of the movement in your chest, including pushing movements like bench press, push-ups, and dips. The pectoralis minor helps with stabilizing your shoulders when you move your arms and also helps support good posture. Working out these muscles can help give you an overall toned appearance, as well as improved core strength to protect your spine and shoulders during physical activity.

"To really maximize gains in your chest, it’s important to vary up your routine with different types of exercises and reps."

When it comes to working out your pecs, there are many exercises that target them specifically or work them in combination with other muscle groups. Push-ups, dips, chest presses, and flies are all great options to target the pec muscles. Additionally, weighted exercises like barbell curls and shoulder shrugs can help build strength in your pecs as well. To really maximize gains in your chest, it’s important to vary up your routine with different types of exercises and reps.

Focus on proper form when doing these exercises so you don’t cause any unnecessary strain or injury. Make sure you keep your back straight and core engaged throughout each exercise for safety and optimal results. Finally, make sure you dedicate enough time for rest between workouts to give the muscles a chance to recover properly before your next session. With proper form, dedication and a varied workout routine, you can achieve strong pecs in no time.

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