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Muscle Gain

Build lean mass and learn to train effectively.


12 Weeks


Have you been program hopping or worse, just doing random workouts? Not seeing any results, huh? Muscle Gain will get you back on track and building muscle in no time. Written by experts, the Muscle Gain protocol is designed for full body hypertrophy so you can expect to see growth in all major muscle groups.

Muscle Gain is suitable for individuals with 1-2 years training experience who are interested in building lean mass and learning how to train effectively. To be successful with this program, you need to have access to barbells, dumbbells, and machines. There are 3 phases in this protocol, each is 4 weeks long and the first week of each phase is designed to introduce you to the new movements and rep scheme before letting you really hit the gas and push things to the limit for the next 3 weeks. The protocol is designed around the RIR format (Reps In Reserve). RIR refers to how many reps you have left in the tank after each set. If you think you can squeak out 2 reps at the end of the set before being able to complete any further reps, you’ve done it and hit 2 RIR. If you think you could’ve gotten 4 or 5 more reps, that means you probably need to add just a touch of weight to the movement so that you are finishing with a few less RIR.

  • Effectively build muscle and size in all major muscle groups

  • Periodization so you see steady and continuous progress.

  • Built in progressive overload to keep you feeling challenged

  • Strengthen joints, build confidence, and improve longevity

  • Train anywhere that has the basics - barbells, dumbbells, and machines

  • All exercises and warm-ups have videos linked if you need a quick refresher

  • Make a copy of the sheet to record weights and see the change

Get ready to build some muscle and experience the change! Don't believe us? Before and after photos are a great way to prove us right. After you have completed Muscle Gain, submit before and after photos to us HERE to receive 75% off your next program. Photos submitted must include 3 points of view for both before and after; front facing, backside, and side profile.

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