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A healthy lifestyle is within everyone's reach.

Lose weight, get stronger, and feel better by creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


We aren't about quick fixes.


Building new habits and making a lifestyle change takes a lot of work and effort. Our coaches provide the tools and support you need to successfully make these shifts and know you are not in this alone.

Learn how to eat well, exercise regularly, and see results from your training with Calgary's most knowledgeable coaches.

the tools and support you need to
lose weight sustainably and get stronger.

Our Remote Coaching provides innovative programming no matter where you are, what equipment you have, or any injuries/conditions that may require special consideration.

Choose from a variety of packages that best serve how we can support your process and ensure you achieve success. 

Our In-House Coaching provides data driven results no matter your starting point. We offer...

During an Outcome Session, we utilize a variety of assessments to determine the most efficient strategy to change your life. Your wellbeing is important to us. We'll discuss nutritional intake, stress management, recovery, and other pillars of a healthy lifestyle during the 90 minute session. With the purchase of an Outcome Session, receive 10% off when you commit to 10 sessions. 

Service Options


Whether you are looking to lose weight or put on muscle mass, the BodPod Assessment is a great way to determine body fat and fat free mass. 

Ready to book?

You do not need to be a member to book an assessment.


Things that set our Personal Training sessions aside from a regular workout.

  • Gain confidence in exercise proficiency, technique, and ability.

  • Push your limits more than you would on your own.

  • Accountability for behaviour change and habit management.

  • Our chance to educate and improve your knowledge base.

  • Learn how to track health metrics and interpret the data.

  • Learn how to fuel your body in relation to your goals (performance, weight loss, health, etc.)​​.

  • Learn nutrition basics such as calories vs. macronutrients, meal timing, mindful eating/awareness, strategies for consistency and adherence.

"I have been personal training with Jhes for the past two months and I honestly could not be happier! I’ve never done strength training before, and I wanted to be in a space that felt warm and welcoming, friendly and not intimidating and that’s exactly what 2110 fitness has been!! Everyone is so sweet and I leave feeling in the best mood after every single workout!! This gym is exactly why I was looking for! I feel so grateful to have found you guys! 10/10 would recommend!!"

Asia W.

"I have been training with Cory for just over a year now and I have seen so many great changes in my strength, my stamina and my overall well-being. The gym atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and Cory's personalized programs are the right mix of challening and fun. He's as stoked as I am about meeting and surpassing my goals, and he's always ready to cheer me on or laugh at my shenanigans. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who asks."

Ciarra G.

"2110 is very knowledgeable in the science of fitness and wellbeing and are able break it down so that you can understand the method behind the madness. They are continuously researching, staying up to date with fitness trends and trialing programs to ensure that clients like myself are receiving the best benefits of training. No matter what my goals are, I trust Stu to develop a plan that will get me there with consistent progress."

Catherine C.

"I've trained at the 2110 gym for the past 3 years and had nothing but good experiences. Stu, Jhesica, Cory and Chris are very knowledgable and motivating personal trainers and coaches. I've noticed much improved results working out with their direction compared to years of working out by myself in the past. 2110 was also very good at communicating with members throughout the pandemic, adapting the gym and training times to keep everyone safe, which is a testament to their professionalism."

Jordan N.










create a sustainable lifestyle
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