Cory Martin



I grew up here in Calgary. The reason why I became a coach was to help others achieve health and fitness related goals, as I did with coaches. Not only to help clients with their physical fitness goals, but to help them through any mental health issues as well. I used fitness and physical activity to help myself through mental health issues, and continue to do so till this day. As a trainer, I'm always available to chat and help out when needed. A few fun facts about myself, I'm a dual citizen (New Zealand and Canada) and have family in New Zealand. I come from a family of twins. My mom and dad both have twins, and I, myself, have an identical twin brother. Another fact is, I competed in the May 2016 NPAA mens physique show, and got 4th overall.



  • Precision Nutrition Level 1

  • Certified Weightlifting Professional Coach (CWPC)


  • BSc Kinesiology & Psychology, University of Lethbridge